I was raised in a Christian home. Both my parents were raised in the Catholic Church and after marrying, they experienced what Jesus spoke of ‘new birth’ in a Portuguese Evangelical Charismatic Church in the city of  Johannesburg, South Africa.

Both my parents had an evangelistic anointing upon them, and during my childhood and teens my parents started 4 churches.  Life at home was all about reaching the lost souls to the Lord and discipling them.

As a small child I remember going out into the streets of Hillbrow with a group of people from church, my mom playing her accordion and my dad with a megaphone preaching the gospel.  Some people were receptive to the gospel others would throw bottles and eggs at us from the balcony of the buildings.

I became a ‘street evangelist’ at 12 years of age.  It was school holidays. We were having a whole week campaign in the area of Johannesburg East where we were holding evening meetings in the church every day.  So during the day, my mom had me join the team and off I went with invitations on my hand inviting people for the evening services. I was the youngest evangelist on the field! It definitely caught the people’s attention.

Funny enough, here I was an evangelist during the day and in the church service at night, during the altar call, there I was repeatedly, giving my life to Jesus again.  So by day I was this great evangelist and by night a great sinner repenting for any possible sins I could have committed and maybe couldn’t remember.  I later learned better and understood that Jesus had saved me and that I didn’t need to continue giving my life to Him as I had done so already.

The passion for the lost has never died out.  Through the years, going through Bible School overseas in Portugal, being involved in full time ministry there for a number of years and then back into secular work, I finally met my wonderful husband. He was saved then and was the fruit of one of the churches where I laboured in the ministry.  We got married in Leiria, and God brought us back to South Africa where we came and study at Rhema Bible Training Centre.

The times have changed and so the methods for evangelism. We have better means, better tools and which are much more efficient. Where before one went ‘fishing’ one by one,  in our days, through technology, the internet, hundreds, thousands and millions can be reached to Jesus!

We believe the revelation of the Word of God isn’t only in one or two particular ministries but rather within the whole Body of Christ.  We refer below a list of International and National Ministries that are anointed and that have greatly influenced our lives:

Member, Partners / Interest in the various ministries:

CFAN – Christ for All Nations, Choose Life Church South Africa, Rivers Church Sandton South Africa, Saddleback Church California, Bethel Church California,  Joel Osteen Ministries, The Potter’s House Church Dallas, Joyce Meyer Ministries, New Creation Church Singapore
and others.

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