(From my desk)

A Word of encouragement to all those out there in the front line of the battle field. As you face the challenges that stand up against you, the giants in the land, don’t be dismayed, don’t be faint hearted, look at it as an opportunity, ‘here comes dinner…’


As you stand in faith and in strength on the ground that God has given you to defend it, take possession of it, don’t forget that after the battle you are to go get your plunder …  ‘plunder’ means ‘to take the goods by force’, in this case, the goods the enemy has deprived or stolen from you!


The hungry four lepers in 2 Kings 7, in their physical weakness, went out into the camp of the enemy… the Lord had put the enemies to flee, the battle was the Lord’s and His heavenly army, all they had to do there was go out and take the plunder, their inheritance!    There was plenty provision for themselves and for the whole nation of Israel!


After fighting your battle, after taking a stand on God’s promises for your life, go out there and go get the supply for yourself and your household! The Lord has made provision for you!



In the natural, it’s not very common to see women on the front of the most fierce battle field. When seen, they get sent straight back to the kitchen…! The thing is, some of us out there are called to the front line… ‘On the right hand a sword and on the left a frying pan.’ Once I was asked: “What’s the frying pan for?” I answered: “It’s purely distracting but very deadly!”   In the spiritual realm, gender is not a factor, you are known by name and the anointing you carry!

Amélia Moinheiro – MEDITA BLOG – From my desk